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Architecture With Meaning
The platform to share a vision for our future

AWM is a research, education and community platform with the mission to advance meaningful architecture that supports the development of healthy people and societies.

¿What is meaning?


Meaning is the fabric of human life. Our mind creates it to guide us to health and growth, and keep us from decay. We give meaning to everything we come in contact with in the course of our lives. We learn things, we attach emotions to them, and we remember them when we need what they symbolize for us. Our built environments materialize meaning into form. We care about the places that touch us, that serve us well, and that connect us to each other and to life.

¿What is the problem?


Our current societies encourage practices of meaninglessness: the reproduction of generic objects, spaces, and templates in our daily lives that do not capture emotions, nature or care and that only stress our cognitive systems, which starve for safety. This context structures our lives and is favored by the Objectivity aspects of the white supremacy culture, which also fail to consider human health, social health and the environment.

¿What can we do about it?


We must rebuild our culture. A renewed culture will exist in a collection of meanings, displayed, intensified and made important in built material anchors. When we live in settings that structure our lives around well-being, care and creativity, we will be closer to the healing we need.

¿How are we going to achieve it?


By envisioning and practicing a different way of creating our built environments, linking the discipline of environmental design to the psychological and physiological sciences. Developing new tools to promote positive relationships between people and their places, and making them common use.

¿Where do we come from?


AWM evolved from Archiimpact, the digital platform co-created in 2015 that resulted in bringing people together and talking about how architecture influences human life. During the eight years of its life, Archiimpact created a worldwide network of architects and designers with common interests, published more than 30 articles and held more than 40 meetings, both in person and online. We are incredibly grateful for the presence, encouragement and engagement received from the community members and supporters.

¿Who are we?


Marta Delgado Founder

Marta holds a professional degree in architecture from the International University of Catalunya, as well as a Master of Science from the University of California, Berkeley. Her area of expertise is the intersection of cognitive science and architecture, grounded in a strong commitment to social equity. Her goal is to help organizations create and enhance environments that contribute to human wellbeing and social progress effectively. As an educator, Marta speaks at international events, organizes digital community meetings and teaches specialized courses to advance architectural practices that support health and emotional wellbeing.

Mariana L. Santibáñez Student support

Previous collaborators, supporters and authors are Marisa González Bandera, Marta D. Cardoner, Laura Ú Pastor, Laura Cambra-Rufino, María Mallo, Silvia Carbonell Miró, Ana Mombiedro and Sergi Viñals.





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“We are mentally and emotionally affected by works of architecture and art before we understand them, or, in fact, we usually do not understand them at all.”

-Juhani Pallasmaa