Phenomenological Representation Lab

2021 - Present

The Phenomenological Representation Laboratory seeks to reveal new languages and universal codes that architects can use to represent, in plan and section, the intangible experiences of architecture, such as sensory dimensions (hearing, smell, sight, touch, temperature…), affective dimensions (emotions) and geophysics (radiation). This project was created in 2021 by Ana Mombiedro and Marta Delgado and currently consists of two main activities: Workshops and Research Group.



Part of the Laboratory involves conducting experimental representation workshops with architectural and non-architect participants. During a session, we explore the hand drawing of acoustic, olfactory, visual, auditory and tactile experiences of an architectural space. Here you can see some of the results of the first workshops held in 2021 and 2022.


Research Group

The Phenomenological Representation Research Group (GIRF) is the group of individuals who collaborate on research tasks relevant to the objectives of the Laboratory. 

Phase one of this research began in February 2022 and was conducted with over 20 professionals. Its purpose was to create a database of examples of phenomenological representation that other artists, architects and scientists have generated in the past. We are currently processing the results.

If you would like to participate in the continuation of this search, please complete this form and we will contact you in the coming months to inform you of the group’s upcoming objectives.

More information about the group and its members can be found at Ana Mombiedro’s website.